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Sterile PEEK Optima® Lumbar Interbody Device, for posterior approach.

Registration :
US clearance : YES
CE marking : YES

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Optimum stability: bi-convex shape with anti-back out teeth to prevent the risk of migration during the fusion process
Optimum fusion: thanks to a large window for graft filling


Bi-convex cage respecting the vertebral endplates anatomy, available with a selection of lordosis angles
Anterior profile designed for easy insertion
Large window for graft bone or bone substitute
Anti-back out teeth to prevent the risk of cage migration and optimum stability
2 radiographic tantalum markers to control the cage position
PEEK Optima® : radiolucence, bonelike elasticity, biocompatibility
Complete range:
2 lengths: 20 & 25mm
Heights : 8 to 14mm
Lordosis angles: 0°, 4 , 8°
Presentation :
Sterile delivered implants

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