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Oblique TLIF interbody device

Registration :
US clearance : NO
CE marking : YES

About Images
About Images


Substantial graft windows and volume with high impact resistance
Ti alloy material proven to allow prolific osseointegration
Fully radiographic to control placement and follow-up on x-ray


Design :
Bulleted anterior profile for atraumatic insertion
Laser-marked to control lordosis orientation
Color-coding to easily differentiate lordotic angles
Anti-back out teeth to prevent cage migration and optimize stability
Material :
Titanium alloy : proven osseointegration, highly visible on radiographic imaging, biocompatibility
Complete Range
2 Lengths: 28 & 35mm
8 Heights : 8 to 15mm (1mm increments)
2 Lordosis angles: 7° & 12°
Presentation :
Option of sterile-delivered implants : Avoids infection and contaminations risks

About Images