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Sterile PEEK Optima® Lumbar Interbody Device, for transforaminal approach, with a pre-assembled PEEK control lead.

Registration :
US clearance : YES
CE marking : YES

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Safety of use: thanks to the repositioning PEEK lead
Ease of insertion: the anterior extremity profile, and the concave interface with the holder facilitate the introduction, the controlled rotation and finally the optimum position of the cage between the endplates.


Banana shaped cage with profiled anterior extremity
PEEK lead to ensure optimum cage control during and after impactation
3 radiographic tantalum markers to control the cage position “on X-rays” and post operative viewing.
PEEK Optima®: radiolucence, bonelike elasticity, biocompatibility.
Complete range:
5 heights: 7 to 15mm.
Lordosis angle: 6°.
Sterile delivered implant
Preassembled with PEEK lead.

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