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Synthetic biphasic substitute.

Osmosys® is a highly macroporous bone substitute made of 60% HAP for its excellent mechanical properties and 40% of βTCP for a good resorbability.
US clearance: YES
CE marking: YES

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Osseoconduction after 6 weeks: due to the interconnected macroporosity, the new bone formation moves from the surface to the center of the graft
Osseointegration after 12 weeks: complete invasion of the macropores by the osseous tissue
Synthetic : no risk of infection or cross contamination
Biocompatible: more than 15 years of experience
Bioresorbable: progressive substitution by the new bone
No need for a donor site (iliac crest,…)


60% hydroxyapatite (HAP)
40% ß tricalcium phosphate (ß TCP)
Interconnected porosity: 60 – 80%
90% to 95% of macraporosity ( 200 – 500 μm) compatible with human bone-cell size
5% to 10% of microporosity (5μm) to allow the penetration of the fluids and the nutrients
Granules : 2-3 mm (5cc, 10cc, 16cc, 22cc)
Sticks : 5x5x20 mm (5 per box).
Substitute delivered sterile (Gamma radiation)

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