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Cervical compressive staple

C-JAWS® is a unique anterior cervical spinal fixation system to be used ideally with the IMPIX®-C, IMPIX®-C+, IMPIX-MANTA®, IMPIX-MANTA®+ PEEK IBDs range, prefilled or not, offering to the surgeon the capability to secure the position of the cage and apply compression to stimulate and accelerate bone fusion.
Registration :
US clearance : YES
CE marking : YES

About Images
About Images


Ideal stabilization of the interbody implant thanks to compression applied to the staple
Reduced operative time by up to 90% compared to cervical plate
Ease of use: a unique instrument allow to perform insertion, impaction, and implant compression, after bone preparation
Optimum fusion: thanks to the compression of the graft
Minimally invasive technique compared to cervical plates


Low Profile implant : thickness 1.5 mm
Mini-invasive approach
Pure Titanium
Complete range:
2 Heights:15 & 20mm
3 Lengths: 12,14,17mm
Sterile delivered implant
In USA, C-JAWS® must be used in conjunction with traditional rigid fixation.

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Clinical case

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion at C6C7 – Disc herniation


60 year-old female with a cervicobrachial neuropathy (disc herniation)


Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease


ACDFat C6C7 with a PEEK Optima® cervical spacer prefilled with β-TCP substitute, IMPIX®-C+ (not FDA approved) and secured by the compressive staple.


Significant improvement of Neck Disability Index (NDI), arm and neck pain scores (VAS) at 20 months of follow-up
Neither pain nor disability was reported by the patient.